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25.00 per set or 30.00 per set on foil (for chrome bikes)

including delivery

  mark 1  burner -  blue/ red bikes

mark 2 burner - blue/red bikes

mark 2 super burner

mark 2 super tuff burner

mark 2 night burner

mark 1 ultra burner - black bike 

mark 1 ultra burner - silver bike

mark 2 aero burner on foil

mark 2 black burner

mark 2 cromo burner on foil  

mark 2 mini team burner

mark 1 extra burner

mark 2 mag burner

Pro burner on foil


various fork stickers


also not pictured we have the following sets

team aero pro burner

andy ruffle team burner

mk 1 cromo burner

mk 1 super burner

mk 1 super tuff burner

Mk 1 burner GS

mk 2 ultra burner


mk 1 chrome burner

mk 1 mini burner

mk 2 mini burner blue/ yellow bike

mk 2 mini burner chrome bike

mk 1 night burner

pro race burner orange and green avaiable



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